Shepton Mallet Paranormal Investigation 7th-8th October 2022.


Date: 7th – 8th October
Time: 9:00pm – 2:00am
Address: HMP Shepton Mallet Prison, Somerset

Deposit: £10.00 Per item


HMP Shepton Mallet Prison, nestled in a small Somerset town in England, was originally built in 1610-1625 after King James I decreed that all counties should have their own jails. It is also said to be one of the oldest working jails in the country, finally closing its doors in 2013.
In the early days, it held men, women and children in dreadful conditions. Although it improved over the years, it was still said to be lacking adequate conditions. Disease was rife with unsanitary conditions. It was reported that prisoners who went in healthy changed to being emaciated in a few short months. If prisoners died in jail, they were usually taken out and buried in unconsecrated ground just outside of the prison. There are still nine unmarked graves within the grounds of the prison, thought to be those of the executed.
Many people were executed in Shepton Mallet prison, with some of the earliest being 12 local Shepton men. They were sympathisers in the Monmouth Rebellion in 1642 before being captured. They were Hanged, drawn and quartered with their insides burned and their heads placed upon spikes around the township as a lesson to others.
In WWII it was opened to the U.S.A. forces as a military prison. They executed 18 of their servicemen with 16 of them hanged and two shot against a 75ft wall by a firing squad. However, the method of shooting brought condemnation from the locals in the town. This was not because of any cruelty but instead because of the noise. The military overcame this by timing the executions to 8 a.m., when the local church clock would chime and so cover up the offending sound.
The last civilian to be executed was in 1926, before these military executions. It was handed back to the British Military at the end of the war and it was then used for Soldiers serving out their National Service. This included the infamous Kray Twins who were serving out their National Service after going absent without leave and assaulting a police officer. In 1966 Shepton Mallet Prison was handed back for civilian life, but no further executions were ever to take place in this prison.
After such a long 400 year history, including having kept the Doomsday Book and other documents safe during WWII from German bombing runs, it finally closed its doors in 2013.
Your evening will comprise of
* Human Pendulum
* K2 meters
* Vigils – lone and group
* Includes refreshments
So come and join us at this famous location and see what we can find.
Deposit option available. With balance due 4 weeks before the event